Nick Hawkins

Digital Consultant

Coming from London's startup tech scene, I've helped 100 year old businesses operate more effectively in today's fast-paced digital world . I love showing people how making simple changes lead to big results. I’ve seen how many small businesses feel out of touch with the online world, so I’m on a roadtrip to fix it!

Currently Bartering in Europe

What do I do?

I’ve spent the last 8 years in London’s tech scene building startups and using those skills to show companies how to improve their digital presence. From B&B’s to Barclays bank, I’ve trained hundreds of people in digital skills that have transformed their businesses.

I love launching products, fixing old & slow processes, creating social media campaigns, building websites and setting up advertising campaigns.

I'm offering all of this for free in return for the service you offer.

Here's why I'm doing this.

What I'm good at

Cyber Security

Optimising Business Operations

Building Websites

Digital Marketing

Social Media Campaigns

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I always want to meet new businesses, whether we can barter now or in the future. So let's talk!

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